Your CuteBest FriendHappy Plush Hamster!

Say hello to your new best friend! The Happy Plush Hamster is the softest buddy you’ll ever have! It even comes with a travel size blanket!

Floating Item
Floating Item

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We absolutely love the Happy Plush Hamster, not only because is it adorable, but because you can literally take it anywhere! It makes the perfect gift for friends and family as well as perfect for airplanes or car rides. Included inside of your plush toy, you will find a travel sized blanket that is made up of the same material as the plush itself. Keeping your Happy Plush Hamster nearby will make any emergency naps or dates a memorable experience!

Why Buy A Happy Plush HamsterHappy Plush Hamsters Are Awesome!


Travel Pouch

Behind your plush pillow, you will find a zipper for storing your included blanket. It is a spacious pouch capable of storing a few small items.


Blanket Included!

Along with your plush pillow, a travel sized blanket is included with every Hamster Plush purchase. It matches your plush by color and softness.


Soft Material

The plush pillow and blanket are made of fleece material. It almost feels like real fur and provides incredible comfort and warmth!

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TestimonialWhat Our Clients Say

Bought this for my niece and she LOVES it! Great quality. It comes with a blanket made of the same material as the hamster. It's super soft! My niece has not let it go all day!

Chloe D.

I purchased the light brown hamster for my daughter for her birthday. It's SO dang cute... I had no idea how much she would love it. It comes vacuum packed so I recommend letting it air out and fluff out for a bit. But other than that she lays with it every time we watch tv. It's the perfect pillow and blanket!

Ileana S.

Very soft! I actually bought this one for myself. I was looking for road trip essentials and wanted a blanket. This little guy is perfect for traveling by car! The blanket is perfect for whenever it gets too chilly. Highly recommended!

Alex M.

It's very soft and snuggly for a plush. I wish they came in bigger sizes! Bought this one for the kids but the whole family wants to one now. It's highly convenient to have when guests come over. Everyone loves it!

Ashley S.

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